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Cryptique is a spirit board. What exactly is a spirit board?
Spirit or talking boards were introduced to America in the late 1800s as toys, games, or amusements. They are comprised of two major pieces. The first is a board or base on which letters, numbers, symbols, and/or words appear. The second is a moveable piece (also called a seer) that can point, choose, or designate the letters, numbers, symbols, or words that appear on the base or board. Operators place their hands on the moveable piece, ask a question aloud, and allow it to move freely across the board. The answer to each question is spelled out one letter at a time.

Many spirit boards emerged shortly after its first appearance. The most prevalent became known as the OUIJA® board. OUIJA® is a trademark currently owned by Hasbro Inc. Other common names given to talking boards are witchboards, spirit boards, mystery boards, and oracle boards.

How can I purchase Cryptique?
Simply visit our Buy Cryptique page where you can purchase the board online through one of the fine online shops who it.

What is included with the purchase of Cryptique?
When you purchase the Cryptique spirit board, you will receive both the board and moveable seer, and a tomb-like box for storage. Also included within are directions on how to use the board.

How is Cryptique made?
A disturbing trend in the manufacturing of spirit boards has emerged—a trend that Spirited Ventures, Inc., creator of Cryptique, refuses to perpetuate. Due to the rising costs of materials, the quality and size of talking boards has suffered. Cryptique’s measurements are 17 1/2 inches by 11 1/2 inches. This generous surface area allows for uninterrupted sessions due to insufficient playing room. There are no fold lines on Cryptique, so the seer will glide smoothly across the entire board. The board itself is constructed of paper applied to covered 100 point chip board, while the seer consists of a label applied to a specially molded piece of plastic. To play Cryptique online, try our Virtual Board.

Do spirit boards “talk?”
Yes and No. Spirit boards don’t actually make any verbal sounds, so in the strictness sense of the word they don’t talk. Typically, one of the operators will write down the letters or words that the seer points to during the session: this is how answers are formed. The answers can be examined and their meanings can be cryptic or obvious. In any case, the mysteries are revealed without the need for speech of any kind.

What do spirit boards communicate with?
That is a question that people have been trying to answer for over one hundred years. From the mainstream sciences to the paranormal, many theories have been offered to explain how spirit boards work. Below are a few examples.

Psychologists suggest that when you communicate through a spirit board, you are actually “talking” to yourself. The term for this is automatism. They explain this phenomenon by stating that you are actually pushing the moveable piece yourself though you don’t realize it. According to this theory, you are not consciously aware of your movements; rather they are automatic and controlled by your subconscious. You actually answer your own questions as if you are on automatic pilot. This theory can also be seen when you are driving a car and “space out.” You suddenly snap out of it and realize you have driven miles, stopped and passed through stop signs, lights, and busy intersections as if driving had your full attention. While your mind becomes occupied by other things, such as wanting a spirit board to work, another part of your mind takes up the challenge and operates it.

The study of the paranormal offers a few other theories as to what you are actually communicating with when you operate a spirit board. Some in this field believe you are communicating with an unseen force other than yourself. It is this force, rather than you, that controls the moveable piece to spell out your answers. Others in this field believe that when you use a spirit board, you may channel or host this unseen force, and it uses your hands to move the piece.

Spirited Ventures Inc. does not condemn or condone any of the theories that try to explain the inner workings of the talking board, nor do we attempt to dismantle the mystery of this century-old puzzle. We believe half the fun of using a spirit board is wondering how it works.

How many people can play Cryptique? Can you play alone?
Any number of people can play Cryptique. In fact, as many hands as will fit on the seer and still allow it to move are perfectly acceptable. Alternatively, you may wish to have a solo session; that is fine as well.

Can I do anything to increase Cryptique’s performance?
The directions provided with Cryptique are only the basics; anything that relaxes you and clears your mind can help you prepare for a session. For each person, Cryptique will perform differently. Experiment with times of the day, locations, and people to find the best circumstances for you.

How seriously should I consider the results of a session with Cryptique?
Cryptique is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to direct or instruct any of the people who use it. Spirited Ventures, Inc. does not recommend using Cryptique in any other manner, other than for entertainment purposes. Interpretation of the results of sessions with Cryptique is up to the individual.