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Begin by preparing the area in which Cryptique will be summoned. Cryptique can be used in practically any setting. When inside, dim the lights to reduce surrounding distractions. When outside during daylight hours, Cryptique prefers the dark company of shadows.

Have an idea of what questions will be posed to Cryptique before you begin. This will ensure that the majority of the session will be spent divining your answers.

Carefully remove the Cryptique board and seer from the tomb. Lightly dust the board with a dry cloth to make sure its surface is as smooth as possible. Anything left on the board could inhibit communications and diminish the performance of a session.

Awaken Cryptique by placing the seer over the words REST IN PEACE.

Gently place your fingertips on the seer so that it may move freely across the board.

Direct your questions aloud to Cryptique. Soon, the seer will begin to move, pausing on the appropriate letter, number, or word to satisfy each question.

When your session is over, lay Cryptique to rest by sliding the seer over the words REST IN PEACE.

Return the board and seer to the tomb. Cryptique will then patiently await your next session.