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Spirited Ventures Inc.

Spirited Ventures, Inc., is a spirit board manufacturer dedicated to breathing new life into an American art that began weaving its spell over a hundred years ago. Spirit boards began their impact on many forms of entertainment almost immediately. Plays, sheet music, and magazine covers depicting spirit board sessions were common in the 1900s. Today, many forms of media from comic books to television and movies about the supernatural or paranormal frequently include a spirit board scene to conjure up feelings only playing one can truly bestow. At Spirited Ventures, Inc., we strive to generate interest in spirit boards, and are happy to work with others on projects that focus on the mystery and magic that is the talking board experience.

In 1999, DreamWorks SKG employed Robert L. Murch, cofounder of Spirited Ventures, Inc., as a spirit board expert and vendor in the film “What Lies Beneath” starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford. Robert has been collecting spirit boards for seven years and has amassed over 300 different variations of these enduring boards. He also remains in contact with many of the descendants of the original families who were involved in the conception of the first spirit boards in America.

Gary D. Halteman, cofounder, brings a more mundane knowledge to Spirited Ventures, Inc. His psychology background picks up where the history and lore of the spirit board leaves off. Many theories attempt to explain the inner workings of the spirit board, and his understanding of these theories continue to shape Cryptique, allowing it to appeal to people regardless of their theologies. Spirited Ventures Inc., believes these qualifications are an integral part of the success of the company as well as the spirit board itself.

The mission of Spirited Ventures, Inc., is to provide an inspiring, unique, top-quality spirit board that brings hours of entertainment to its consumers. Taking the spirit board to a new level and offering a complete spirit board experience is the ultimate goal of Spirited Ventures, Inc. We have no doubt that if Cryptique is given the opportunity, THE SPIRIT WILL MOVE YOU.